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The Rhythm Pimps - Garage Funk with SOUL!

One of the tightest power trios you're likely to come across around Eugene and the northwest; The Rhythm Pimps play a mash up of classic and alternative rock, with elements of reggae and funk, blending it seamlessly together to create memorable

music that keeps their listeners singing along, bobbing their heads and burning holes in the dance floor. With a knack for original, clever and catchy song writing, and their unique ability to turn a cover and make it their own, this power trio is constantly connecting with their listeners and turning new ears wherever they set up their gear.

The Rhythm Pimps touch on many different genres. Drawing sound and inspiration from all sorts of influences, they piece and pattern these styles together like a quilt, intricately creating something new. The skanked-out, heavy drum and bass styling of bands like Sublime and Spearhead is prominent throughout their sets, while the heavier rock riffs like bands such as Clutch, or whispers of Nirvana can be heard at times. McCarthy’s vocal range can reach from powerfully soulful to carnal screaming, with everything in between the spectrum. Dirty wailing guitar leads laden with echo fx, powerful drum beats and heavy bass lines create tight funk grooves that could be reminiscent of early Chili Peppers mixed up with the 70’s rock-psychedelia. Meanwhile their fast paced, over-driven sound may remind you of Operation Ivy or Black Flag at times.

The Rhythm Pimps are promoting their latest album "End of Suburbia" which features what they call 'the cream of the crop' of songs; pin-ultimate band and fan favorites, gig staples that have made the band's live shows so successful over the years. The majority of the songs are written by Anthony McCarthy the guitar player, a local musician who you can catch playing solo-acoustic or piano gigs at local dinner spots around Eugene. Mike Hoffman, the bass player also sings, writes and collaborates.

Their music was featured in Faux Show's Production's feature length film - ‘Earth Day’. The Rhythm Pimps have been gaining exposure with their song ‘Welcome to Hollywood’. It has been featured on local radio stations around the North West. ‘Welcome to Hollywood’ is also used in the opening credits for the Portland-based web program, 'Pirate Satellite TV'.

The Rhythm Pimps have been steadily gaining fans since 1999 when they formed outta high school and continuing on, these three friends, guitarist/lead singer Anthony McCarthy, bassist/singer Mike Hoffman and original drummer Dustin Dybevik worked with Greg Riker (former Board of Directors for Mackie, Seattle WA.) to independently release their first album - ‘GROUNDSCORE’. Later the Rhythm Pimps parted ways with Dybevik so he could go on to complete a degree in Media Art and Graphic Design and start his own company Bloodtoe Media. Former fan and friend of the band, hard hitting fill-in drummer Brian Kauffmaniac soon became the permanent fixture for The RP’s in 2005.

With a new drummer on board, The Pimps went on to record what they thought were just going to be demos, but turned out to be their next full length album - 'Identity Crisis'.  The original recordings sat as demos for a whole year. During that stint, The Rhythm Pimps recorded more tracks at Rivacyd Records and decided to add a few of the new tracks together with the newly remixed demos; with the help of genius-sound-man mixer-extraordinaire, Justin Dodge of former Juice to Make it Happen fame, whose credits include Marv Ellis' 'Dreamcatcher Juice' and Keegan Smith 'Special Delivery' and now ‘End of Suburbia’.

The Rhythm Pimps have toured the Pacific Northwest. They’ve covered a lot of ground, playing colleges, outdoor summer festivals, dirty punk rock bars and their specialty, house parties. With such a diverse sound, their music crosses many boundaries and finds a nice niche wherever they play. The Rhythm Pimps have shared the stage with the likes of Fishbone, The Expendables, The Toasters, The Phenomenauts, Unkle Nancy, Marv Ellis and Tarrka just to name a few."

all albums can be streamed for review and listening pleasure at

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